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After graduating from Oberlin High School in Ohio in 1960 I attended Ohio State University in Columbus.  I was in pre-veterinary medicine and participated in the University Concert Band, as well as working at the University dairy barn.  In 1962 I was admitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine where I graduated in 1966.  During school I worked one summer in Sequim, Washington and one summer in Newberry, South Carolina on dairy farms.  I lived in the veterinary clinic and helped pay my way through school this way.
   Following graduation I did an internship at the University of Minnesota.  Then I emigrated to Australia and worked at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Clinical Centre in Werribee near Melbourne.  I traveled extensively about Australia over the next three years.  My specialty was clinical veterinary surgery of both large and small animals, and I performed surgery on some famous horses during that time.  Later I spent several months in New Zealand working in practices there.
    In the spring of 1971 I traveled through southern Africa and part of Europe on the way back to a job at my alma mater, Ohio State, where I worked for four years in large animal medicine and surgery.  There, I became board certified in Veterinary Surgery.  Then I moved to Crawford, Georgia and bought a farm.  I worked at the University of Georgia in food animal medicine and surgery for many years before transferring to farm practice.
    During those years I developed a dairy farm, where I milked my own cows, mostly Jerseys.  I purchased the feed, as my farm was small and not large enough to grow crops.  In September 1993 I sold most of my cows before moving to St. Kitts and Nevis where I have been working for the past twenty-two years at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine as a professor of large animal medicine.